1. Powerful Research Development Capability

1) Possessing international advanced indirect evaporative air cooler(IDEC) technology and liquid desiccant air conditioner

-Low the temperature/ Ventilation /Aspirating

     combined dew point IDEC

       inter-cross dew point IDEC

 liquid desiccant air conditioner

2) Numerous product choices with airflow from                       2000m³/h to 120000m³/h and evaporative cooling pad

3) Variety of installation ways for top discharge, down discharge, side discharge,mobile discharge.Optional air inlet modes, like direct blowing outlet, fixed blowing outlet,motor driven blowing outlet, double sides blowing outlet, four sides blowing outlet and eight sides blowing outlet to meet overall cooling, partial cooling, position cooling in different places.

     metal wind tube

      canvas wind tube

compositeboard of wind tube

compositeboard of wind tube

4) New LCD controller design, garcefull in appearance and easy to operation.

                 Aolan New LCD Controller


      1. Powerful Function

      2. Simple operation

       3. Easy to understand

      4. Match the remote control

2. Reliable product quality

Have national standard laboratory, which guaruntees the product quality performance.

performance testing room

environmental testing room

data control center

cooling system

control room

noise testing room

blowdryer metering equipment

temperature control system

3. Secure customer service

Produce accessories independently, this assures the supply of cooler parts with timely and efficiently changing after sale.

4. High status in evaporative air cooler industry

The drafting unit of the National Standards for Evaporative Air Cooler as well as the Requirements for Installation and Application of Evaporative Air Cooler

1. Evaporative air cooler national standard’s leading drafting member

2. Evaporative air cooler’s Installation and Use national industry standard’s leading drafting member.

3. Evaporative cooling pad national standard drafting member.

4. Water Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning Unit national standard drafting member.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001


5 Patent of Invention

27 Utility model patent

4 Design patent


patent of invention

utility model patent

design patent