Evaporative Cooling Pad

Working principle

The water evaporation Need to absorb heat . According to this principle, when the water under the action of gravity by wet curtain flowing downwards, the upside in the corrugated fiber surface will form a water film; When wet curtain air flowing through the water in the water film can absorb heat from the air after the evaporation, to take away a lot of latent heat, reduce after wet curtain of air temperature, cooling and humidifying cooling purposes.

Performance and features 

Aolan evaporative cooling pad  uses imported materials, has the good water imbibition, high stiffness of the wet, mushroom and long service life, etc. In the process of work, with large evaporation area, high cooling efficiency and the advantages of small pressure loss; At the same time, also can effectively remove dust particles in the air, the removal efficiency can reach more than 90% of PM10, for PM2.5 removal efficiency is above 40%. Widely used in industrial workshop, horticulture and animal husbandry, greenhouse, etc.

Type 5090 evaporative cooling pad under different thickness of the air flow rate on the evaporation efficiency, the influence of the pressure loss.

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