combined dew point indirect evaporative cooler


※ High efficiency,COP reach to over 40  

※ System can work well in 50℃ environment,and ambient temperature rise,cooling ability increase

※ Wet-bulb efficiency over 120% 

※ Easy maintenance 

※ Environment friendly 

※ Patented,high tech method of self-cooled multi-stage indirect evaporative cooling.

Working Principle

Fresh air is divided into many small flows which pass the dry channels in the cooling core .Every small flow is cooled by all the small flows before it crossing pass in another side channels called wet channels. Dry and wet channels are placed one by one with thinner wall separately made of special materials .Heat transfers but no water exchanges. Flows are cooled down but no moisture added. Then every flow goes into wet channels placed its two sides by through its controlling holes ,contact with the counter-flow water. It is cooled and little moisture added. Bring the heat out passed from its two-side. Its temperature is lowed down continuously, at the end; its temperature goes under the wet-bulb of its beginning flow, near the dew-point temperature.

Main Data and Dimensions 

1.AJL02-FH10A combined indirect evaporative air conditioning 

2.AJL05-FH31A AJL20-FH31A  combined indirect evaporative air conditioning 

3.AJL05-FH31A~AJL20-FH31A  combined indirect evaporative air conditioning 

Application Field

Installation Diagram

Combined Type Supply Air Temp.Chart

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